Mini Joystick Game Handle Wireless Controller for Phone Touchscreen

Mini Joystick Game Handle Wireless Controller for Phone Touchscreen

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The specially coated soft suction cup attaches to your device for instant plug and play fun, ensuring precise interaction with the game's controls as well as being delicate to your tablet or smartphone's delicate screen. Being a mere small size, the joystick is perfectly sized to assume an unobtrusive position on your display.

Works with thousands of games.
No wires or batteries required.
High-quality sturdy aluminium stick provides hours of gaming fun!
Soft padded suction cup ensures easy attachment and won't mark your display.
Removable and repositionable, small enough to put it in your pocket.
Special capacative touchscreen coating ensures precise interaction with the game's controls.
Suction cup fashion design, quick and easy to install and remove.
Compatible with iPad, and many Android-powered tablet, iPhone, cellphone.
Increases precision with touchscreen-based games.

Material: aluminum alloy + silicone suction cup
Color: black, blue, red, rose red, gold, silver(optional)
Item weight: 4.7g / 0.16oz
Package weight: 14g / 0.49oz
Item size: 2 * 1.8 * 1.8cm / 0.79 * 0.71 * 0.71in
Package size: 3.5 * 2.5 * 2.5cm / 1.38 * 0.98 * 0.98in 

How to use:
1. Start the game on the device you would like to use with this handle;
2. Locate the virtuaion-screen joypad on the touch screen and place handle in the center;
3. Push down on handle to adhere it to screen;
4. you can now play the game using handle;
5. when finished, push handle at one angle, it will pop off the screen.

Package list:
1 * game handle